Oil Based Finishes

rockhardBEHLEN ROCKHARD TABLE TOP URETHANE VARNISH  –  Put a beautiful, “rock-hard” amber finish on your fine furniture projects! Rockhard™ Table Top Urethane Varnish is the coating you need when you want a hard finish that will deliver maximum resistance to water, alcohol, food stains, chemicals, detergents and other damaging liquids. This abrasion-resistant finish is ideal for use on table tops, as its name boldly proclaims. Its toughness also makes it suitable for a multitude of other uses like wooden chairs, benches, desks, dressers, chests of drawers, vanities, bookcases and so many more. Apply with a natural bristle brush.  Choose from satin or gloss.


#B603-28806 – Gloss quart Rockhard Urethane Varnish – $24.95
#B603-28406 – Satin quart Rockhard Urethane Varnish – $24.95