Mirka Abrasives

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Available in boxes or sleeves of 50 except where noted.
All Mirka products are “P” graded.

For a sandpaper grit equivalency chart, click here.


These premium sheets have a unique flexible backing which allows you to literally wad up the paper in a ball and it will hold its shape (see right). This feature allows you to sand intricate profiles easily. It also excels for flat surfaces and wraps easily around a cork sanding block.  It’s fast cutting and long-wearing with it’s aluminum oxide grit and heavier B, C and D weight backing (most papers above 100 use an A weight paper). It’s stearated, but does not pose problems with either our General, Target and other water base finishes. Use the Goldflex for bare wood or between coat sanding to produce a very fine, consistent scratch pattern.

Limited Quantity Left!

9″ x 11″ Sheets
GRITS (P Designation)  – 50 sheets per sleeve – $27.50
100D, 240B,  400B.


Best used for final sanding and rub-out of fine finishes. The silicon carbide/aluminum oxide grit is exceptionally long lasting and can be used with either water or solvent lubricants. Their unique bonding allows the sheet to be folded and not crack. Can also be used on metal and are perfect for sharpening chisels and planes.

9″ x 11″ Sheets

GRITS (P Designation)  – 50 sheets per sleeve. Also available in packs of 10.
320A,  800A

Grits 320-1200 pkg/10 – $9.25



These discs come on a B weight backing, giving the disc better edge wear and wearability. The stearated aluminum oxide grit provides a fast, uniform cut. We stock these discs in 5 hole and 8 hole in the 5″ size and 6 hole for the 6″ size. This will cover the most popular sanders on the market. These discs can also be used with a standard pad with no punched holes.

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6″ – 6 hole hook and loop — for Bosch, DeWalt, Porter Cable and other Random Orbit Sanders

GRITS (P Designation)  – Order in boxes of 50.
80D, 100D, 120C, 150C, 180C, 220C.

MIRKA ROYAL GOLD DISCS – These 5 and 6″ discs are the toughest and longest wearing disc Mirka makes. We offer these in grits from 320-1500 for dry sanding finishes. They are perfect for between the coat sanding, using either a random orbit sander or with the grip faced hand pad with strap (see below). These discs allow you to dry sand a finish when you rub it out, which is preferable to wet-sanding. If you wish, you can use the disc with a lubricant for wet-sanding.



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mirka_19holegoldNew! – Gold 19 hole  – Mirka’s new premium sandpaper has 19 holes so it will work with just about any 5″ sander. Available in all the basic bare wood sanding grits 80-220 plus the higher grits of 320-800 for sealer and finish sanding. Great stearated coating lasts and the grip backing stays put.

Pricing available here  Current Pricelist

GRITS (P Designation)  – Order in boxes of 50 or an assortment pack of 5 grits (80-220) for wood sanding.
80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320, 400, 600 & 800 P graded grits. .



ABRALON is the hottest proAbralon_asst.duct in wood finishing!  It combines the best features of sandpaper and non-woven products, constructed with a abrasive fabric face, foam center and grip backing. The open weave of the abrasive fabric allows water or solvent to flow freely, resulting in both non-clogging and cooling, because the foam retains solvent. This product is silicon carbide so it works well on both wood, finishes, metal and plastic and is especially nice on contoured surface. It cleans up easily in soapy water or mineral spirits. This product was featured in Fine Woodworking #147 and #149. You can purchase individual pads or in boxes of 20. For contoured surfaces use the 6″ foam interface pad (see below).

Available in 6″ hook and loop pads. Current Pricelist

GRITS (P Designation)  – Order single pads or packages of 20.
180, 360,

ABRALON ASSORTMENTS – Current PricelistMirkaasst2

Assortment Kit #1 – Contains 2 each 180, 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 1 – 5″ interface pad, 1 – 6″ interface pad, and 1 – 5″ backup pad. The backup pad replaces the smooth vinyl pad on most random orbit sanders with a hook and loop face. The Abralon can be used with or without the interface pad. – $75.00




abranetABRANET is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary abrasive products on the market. If your sander has a vacuum assist, you can sand absolutely dust free! The Abranet disc is a see-through mesh (see photo right) so it can be used with any multi-hole grip pad. You get improved dust extraction, elimination of pilling (corning) and a better finish all -around. This is the best product for topcoat sanding I’ve used. This product is aluminum oxide bonded to a fabric mesh (see below) so it works well on both wood, finishes, metal and plastic and is especially nice on contoured surfaces with a 5″ interface pad (see below).

Available in 5″ hook and loop discs


Available in 6″ habranetmicroook and loop discs

GRITS (P Designation)  – Order packs of ten or boxes of 50.
5″ – 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 grit.
6″ – 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 grit


#9A-232-AP Assortment Kit  – (5″ DISCS) Contains 5 each 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 grits,

#9A-241-AP Assortment Kit  – (6″ DISCS) Contains 5 each 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 grits,