Enduro Waterborne Finishes



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Enduro Clear Finishes

Enduro-Lacquer-250pxEnduro Water Based Lacquer –  This is a newer generation acrylic with better chemical resistance and hardness than the old Clear Acrylic. Perfect product for general finishing, general furniture finishing and rubs out to a beautiful sheen. Excellent product for guitars and musical instruments! Easy to sand with good adhesion.

For luthiers we carry quart sizes in gloss!!

#EF-WBL28G – Gloss Gallon Water Based Lacquer – $51.67
#EF-WBL32G – Gloss Quart Water Based Lacquer – $25.65
#EF-WBL28SG – Semi-Gloss Water Based Lacquer – $51.67
#EF-WBL28S – Satin Gallon Water Based Lacquer – $51.67
#EF-WBL28F – Flat Gallon Water Based Lacquer – $51.67





Enduro Water Based Lacquer is a great musical instrument finish as it exhibits 100% burn in when coats are applied within a 4-6 hour recoat window. It also buffs to a beautiful gloss. To learn more about a typical guitar finishing schedule using Enduro Waterbased Lacquer see John Mosconi’s schedule here.




enduro_polyEnduro Water Based Clear Poly – Tougher than the tough! Re-formulated (Fall 2010), Clear Poly has better durability and overall toughness than its predecessor. Water clear and non-yellowing with a high solids content for rapid build. KCMA tests on this product show it to beat out solvent based pre-cats from the major finish manufacturers.



#EF-CP28G – Gloss Gallon Clear Poly – $71.67
#EF-CP28SG – Semi-Gloss Gallon Clear Poly – $71.67
#EF-CP28S – Satin Gallon Clear Poly – $71.67
#EF-CP28F – Flat Gallon Clear Poly – $71.67



General Finishes general_conv-varEnduro Conversion Varnish (Water-based 2K Polyurethane) – This new finish from General is the toughest finish system in the line-up. 2K polys have been around for quite a while in solvent versions, but this product is water-based. Clear, non-yellowing and the ultimate in durability (think car clear coats)… this is the go-to product for restaurant tables, cabinets, vanities, bathroom fixtures and architectural applications. Each gallon comes with a 12 oz catalyst which must be used in each coat for ultimate durability. About 6-8 pot life once catalyzed, so catalyze only what you will use. Catalyst jar has marking for amount.


#GF-CV28G – Gloss Gallon Enduro Conversion Varnish – $126.67
#GF-CV28SG – Semi-Gloss Gallon Enduro Conversion Varnish – $126.67
#GF-CV28S – Satin Gallon Enduro Conversion Varnish – $126.67
#GF-CV28F – Flat Gallon Enduro Conversion Varnish – $126.67


general_endurovarEnduro-Var Water Based Urethane – This brand new finish from General is quickly becoming our favorite. This product looks more like an oil finish than any water based one we’ve seen. Cross-links with air just like solvent based polyurethane finishes to form a tough, water resistant finish. Good for floors, cabinets table tops, even trim. Easily brushes or sprays. Recommended for darker woods like mahogany, walnut and cherry.


#GF-EV32G – Gloss Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28G – Gloss Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32SG – Semi-Gloss Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28SG – Semi-Gloss Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32S – Satin Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28S – Satin Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32F – Flat Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28F – Flat Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00




Enduro Water Based Sanding Sealer – A very easy sanding acrylic based sealer that can be used with all General and Enduro finishes. Apply by brush or spray. it dries quickly to a very easy to sand surface. When thinned 1:1 with water, it can be used as a stain controller for waterborne stains and dyes on difficult to stain woods like cherry.


#EF-SS28 – Gallon Sanding Sealer – $55.00