General Finishes



General Finishes has become one of the largest manufacturers of waterborne wood finishes and stains. Homestead has been a distributor for General and Enduro Industrial for over 7 years. General Finishes outstanding commitment to quality and service is unsurpassed in the industry.






Water Based Clear Finishes


hpcanHigh Performance Polyurethane – High Performance Top Coat is the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane top coat on the market today. It brushes the best of any waterborne finish we’ve used and sprays incredibly well to a smooth finish. In addition it contains two types of UV Stabilizers, one to protect the finish from breaking down in sunlight and the other to protect underlying stains from fading or light colored woods from darkening. And with its pure polyurethane durability, it can even be used on floors. This is a great all-around product and is used over the acrylic enamels below to increase the durability. Water-clear and non-yellowing.


#GF-HP32G – Gloss Qt High Performance – $28.33
#GF-HP28G – Gloss Gallon High Performance – $76.67
#GF-HP32G – Semi-Gloss Qt High Performance – $28.33
#GF-HP28G – Semi-Gloss Gallon High Performance – $76.67
#GF-HP32S – Satin Quart High Performance – $28.33
#GF-HP28S – Satin Gallon High Performance – $76.67
#GF-HP32F – Flat Quart High Performance – $28.33
#GF-HP28F – Flat Gallon High Performance – $76.67


general_endurovarEnduro-Var Water Based Urethane – This brand new finish from General is quickly becoming our favorite. This product looks more like an oil finish than any water based one we’ve seen. Cross-links with air just like solvent based polyurethane finishes to form a tough, water resistant finish. Good for floors, cabinets table tops, even trim. Easily brushes or sprays. Recommended for darker woods like mahogany, walnut and cherry.


#GF-EV32G – Gloss Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28G – Gloss Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32SG – Semi-Gloss Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28SG – Semi-Gloss Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32S – Satin Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28S – Satin Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00

#GF-EV32F – Flat Qt Enduro-Var Urethane – $35.00
#GF-EV28F – Flat Gallon Enduro-Var Urethane – $100.00






Enduro Water Based Sanding Sealer – A very easy sanding acrylic based sealer that can be used with all General and Enduro finishes. Apply by brush or spray. it dries quickly to a very easy to sand surface. When thinned 1:1 with water, it can be used as a stain controller for waterborne stains and dyes on difficult to stain woods like cherry.


#EF-SS28 – Gallon Sanding Sealer – $55.00





Oil Based Clear Finishes

General Finishes oil based products are widely used by discriminating craftsman throughout the country. Seal-A-Cell sealer/finish is used as a low luster, “in-the-wood” finish by itself or as the foundation for the more protective Arm-R-Seal oil/poly topcoats. Gel topcoat is a gel polyurethane based finish that’s incredibly easy to apply.


sealacellSeal-A-Cell Clear for decades has served craftsman as the best way to get the  that “natural” look on beautiful woods that aren’t to be stained. The oils penetrate deep within the wood to highlight the warm natural look and the urethane provides durability. Follow with multiple coats of Arm-R-Seal topcoat if more durability is required.Seal-A-Cell can be wiped on or applied with a foam brush.  QUARTS only.

#GF-SAC32 – Seal-A-Cell Quart – $21.95



armrsealArm-R-Seal Topcoat is made with only the highest quality urethane resin, making them extremely durable and long lasting. They are formulated to be wiped on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush, thus eliminating drips and sags.  They penetrate to provide deep down protection and that  ” natural” look.  QUARTS only – Gloss and Satin sheens

#GF-ARS32G – Gloss Arm-R-Seal Qt – $21.95
#GF-ARS32S – Satin Arm-R-Seal Quart – $21.95



gelpolyGel Topcoat is one of the easiest oil finishes to apply. Gel Topcoat has a high content of urethane for more protection. Gel Topcoat is available in satin.  For semi-gloss or gloss sheens, use Arm-R-Seal Topcoat (see above).

#GF-GFS32 – Gel Topcoat Quart – $25.00