Qualalacq Solvent Based Lacquer

Behlen premium nitrocellulose lacquer has been used in my restoration and finishing business for over twenty years. It is “hands-down”, the most forgiving, easiest finish to spray, flows out beautifully, and rubs out to a beautiful sheen. It has a pale color compared to most other amber lacquers and dries very hard. Will polish beautifully to a brilliant gloss or a silky satin. Use the Qualalacq for all standard furniture and cabinet applications. The Stringed Instrument Lacquer is specifically designed for wooden stringed instruments.

behlen_qualalacqBEHLEN QUALALACQ™ LACQUER – This premium nitrocellulose lacquer is for spray only use. Product is supplied at ready to spray viscosity but can be  thinned with lacquer reducer if necessary.


#6316 – Gloss Quart Lacquer – $19.50
#6317 – Satin Quart Lacquer – $19.50




behlen_sealersQUALALACQ™ SANDING SEALER – Use for standard finishes as on furniture, table tops, etc. QUART CAN

QUALALACQ™ VINYL SEALER – Is better where a more demanding finish is required as it has better moisture resistance.  QUART CAN

N O T E  Vinyl Sealer is recommended for use with Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer and for high moisture areas like kitchen cabinets and baths.

#6321 – Quart Lacquer Sanding Sealer – $17.75
#6322 – Quart Lacquer Vinyl Sealer – $18.50




behlen_additivesQUALALACQ™ THINNER – Used with lacquer to promote flow-out and leveling.

LACQUER RETARDER  – Used when conditions cause blushing

LACQUER FISHEYE FLOWOUT SMOOTHIE – Is used for elimination of craters or fisheyes.

LACQUER FLATTENER – Is used to reduce the sheen of gloss lacquer to semi-gloss, satin or flat.



#6320 – Quart Lacquer Reducer – $18.50
#6323 – Quart Lacquer Retarder – $17.95
#6200 – 2 0z. Fisheye additive – $12.00
#6201 – Quart Lacquer Flattener – $18.99


behlen_aerosol_lacBEHLEN AEROSOL LACQUER – Don’t have spray equipment? No problem. The same quality lacquer above but in a convenient aerosol can for small jobs or touchups.


#6400 – Gloss 13 oz Aerosol – $7.50
#6401 – Satin 13 oz Aerosol – $7.50
#6411 – Sanding Sealer 13 oz Aerosol – $7.50