Asturo Spray Guns

The Asturo Story in America

Asturo started out as an Italian Company in the mid 1920’s in Italy. They started importing into the USA in 1998 and continued until 2007 when the company filed for bankruptcy. The gun models sold in this country were the following:

Silver Body


Green Body


Blue Body


There were also pumps such as the K24 and airless K1.

When the Italian company went out of business the USA importer – “AOM Spray” in New Mexico had the Asturo name printed on guns that they imported from Taiwan and China. These guns were widely sold in the USA by their dealers such as Spraygunworld.

Parts we Sell

  • We do not have any parts left for the Italian Guns, other than a few BBS/BRP atomizing sets. Our understanding is that there are no parts anywhere but you are welcome to search. DO NOT call us for Italian Gun parts. A European company bought the assets of the old Italian Asturo company, but to our knowledge they do not respond to calls or parts inquiries.
  • We have parts for only the following Asturo models which are Taiwan made guns. We do not stock parts for the Asturo R series which were made in China.


6008SSP Pressure Feed Gun Silver AM-6008SSP
878 WB Mini Detail Gun Gray Qs-125WB
5008 WB* Gravity Feed Silver AM-5008 (LVLP)
 878 WB Kit  Mini Detail Gun Package  Gray  QS-125WB KIT#1


* Asturo sold this gun with a green aircap which is the HVLP model. Our version is the Low-CFM Blue aircap.

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