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GluBoost LogoFinally – the best cyanoacrylate glue has arrived for guitar-making and repairing. This glue has a proprietary formulation which allows it to repair dings, dents and cracks in finishes with no witness lines. We have personally used this glue and can attest to it’s quality! The Fill n’ Finish series is flexible and mainly used for repairs as well as creating a complete finish. The MasterGlu series is used for general construction as well as repairs. MasterTint are colorants specifically designed to tint any GluBoost product to do perfect repairs!

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Glu-Boost Accelerator
ThinFill N' FinishMaster Tint Vintage on white



Glu-Boost Accelerator web


GluBoost – non-foaming accelerator for all GluBoost products – $21.99 – SHIPS FREE!








Thin web


MasterGlu Thin – general purpose wicking grade CA Glue – $20.75 – SHIPS FREE!





Ultra Thin web


MasterGlu Ultra Thin – ultra thin viscosity version of above – $20.75 – SHIPS FREE!





Fill N' Finish web


Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula – use for repairs of dings, dents and for use on porous woods – $20.75 – SHIPS FREE!






Fill N' Finish Thin web


Fill n’ Finish Thin Formula  – thinner viscosity version of Pro Formula for repairs and a complete finish – $20.75 – SHIPS FREE!






F+F Black web




Fill n’ Finish Black Formula – created especially for blacks. Great for filling fret ends. – $21.85 – SHIPS FREE!








Fill n’ Finish Master Gel – extra thick viscosity – $21.75  – SHIPS FREE!









Extender Tips – bag of 50 extender tips – $28.00 – SHIPS FREE!







Master Shield SafeGuard Sanding Tape Shield – $27.95 – SHIPS FREE








Whip Tips – bag of 110 whip tips – $39.99 – SHIPS FREE!





Glu Boost Pinpoint Extender w-text flat 600px wide


Extender Kit – includes 2 actuator caps and 2 red extension tubes (accelerator shown in photo not included) – $8.25






GLU-Boost Value Kits

FnF Kit web


Exclusively here!! Glu-Boost Fill n Finish Kit – 59.95 + 7.95 S/H

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