Hide Glue for Lutherie

All hide in this country is made by Milligan & Higgins, the last producer of this amazing product. All hide glues you see advertised are made by this company. We have been dealing with Milligan & Higgins for over 25 years. Its a superior product, and all our glue is fresh as we sell a lot of it.




Our Hide Glue is the traditional glue sold in dry, granular form and is mixed with water to form a gelatin which is then heated to at least 140 degrees F. The gram strength of this glue is 192 which is best for all lutherie and woodworking applications because it has a slightly longer open time than hide glues of a higher gram strength. Mix ratio is 1-3/4 to 1 (water to glue) by weight. However you can alter this ratio slightly to suit your needs.

My favorite way to mix it is to place an amount of dry glue in a small jar. Mark a line twice the amount on the side of the jar and add water to that line. Allow it do swell until it looks like oatmeal or tapioca and then heat. 1 LB. , 8 oz or 4 oz PLASTIC JAR. #2080

Hide Glue Pricing



A dry powder additive for extending the open working time of hide glue (mixed from dry granules). Use 5% to 30% by weight. 4 OZ. PLASTIC JAR.

This product does not degrade the glue as you might read elsewhere. Urea is simply a humectant, meaning it makes the mixed glue retain moisture so it suppresses gelling. Typically 1-2% should be added based upon dry weight of the granules, not the mixed solution. 5% is maximum.  #2035 – $11.95