Lacquer Products for Guitar Finishing


NOTE: Behlen products have been replaced by Mohawk Branded products. These products are exactly the same. For those of you used to Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer and Vinyl Sealer, Mohawk is the same, just a different label. We will sell through the Behlen branded products, and then replace them with the equivalent Mohawk products.


Mohawk/Behlen premium nitrocellulose lacquer  has been used in my guitar finishing business for over twenty years. It is “hands-down”, the most forgiving, easiest finish to spray, flows out beautifully, and rubs out to a beautiful sheen. It has a pale color compared to most other amber lacquers and dries very hard. Will polish beautifully to a brilliant gloss or a silky satin.


Solvent Lacquer products require Ground UPS shipping, and rates are based on location. To Purchase Lacquer products please go to our eBay Store here


MOHAWK CLASSIC INSTRUMENT  LACQUER – (Replaces Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer) This premium nitrocellulose lacquer is for finishing acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. Product is supplied at ready to spray viscosity but can be  thinned with lacquer reducer if necessary.


#M610-1406 – Gloss Classic Instrument Lacquer – $22.99

#M610-1406/4 – Buy 2 and Save – $43.68

#M610-1606/4 – Buy 4 and Save – $82.75




MOHAWK INSTRUMENT SEALER – Is the sealer to be used under Classic Instrument Finish.   QUART CAN

#M610-1206 – Quart Instrument Sealer – $18.95





behlen_additivesQUALALACQ™ THINNER – Used with lacquer to promote flow-out and leveling.


LACQUER FISHEYE FLOWOUT SMOOTHIE – Is used for elimination of craters or fisheyes.

LACQUER FLATTENER – Is used to reduce the sheen of gloss lacquer to semi-gloss, satin or flat.



#6320 – Quart Lacquer Reducer – $18.50
#6323 – Quart Lacquer Retarder – $17.95
#6200 – 2 0z. Fisheye additive – $12.00
#6201 – Quart Lacquer Flattener – $18.99