Polishing Supplies for Lutherie


Polishing Compounds



Menzerna of Germany has been making polishing compounds since 1888. Considered among the finest products available, they are used by Steinway and Baldwin for their impeccable piano finishes as well as demanding guitar companies like Fender, Martin and Taylor.

We now stock the same products used by these fine companies. 2L Pre-Polish Compound (#1) is for initial compounding, where you remove the scratches left by wet or dry sandpapers (it will remove 800 grit scratches on up). This is followed by 16 Fine Polishing Compound (#2). This will leave a mirror surface. For that deep-dish gloss, follow this up with the PO91E Intensive Polish (#3).

NOTE: When polishing compounds are used, the finished wood surface should be smooth. Fill any defects, gaps and open-grained woods (ash, oak, mahogany, walnut, etc.), prior to clear-coats and polishing. Open-grain will trap the polish resulting in a whitish appearance.

All products can be applied by hand with a soft cloth or buffer, after the initial flattening and leveling of the finish is done with sandpaper. The finish should be sanded to at least 800 grit before applying the 2L. Supplied in paste form, the products can be made to work easier by spritzing with a bit of water during use.


(750 gram or 1.65 lb.) can – $28.00

(750 gram or 1.65 lb.) can – $28.00

#JCC-8 – JESCAR CORRECTING COMPOUND (Replaces PO91E Intensive Polish)

(8 oz) bottle – $25.00


SPECIAL! – Buy all 3 above products in a bundle and save!!!!   – $71.39




Polishing Pads

SURBUF ™ POLISHING PADS – These round pads are designed for use on random orbit sanders with a hook-and-loop style pad. Simply place the pad on your sander, apply a small amount of polishing compound or wax to the center of the pad, then work the compound with the sander. These tough, durable pads can be easily cleaned with soap and water or mineral spirits and re-used. They feature a patented fiber that resists snagging and bending common to wool bonnet type pads. Sold in packs of two pads, it’s recommended that a separate pad be used for each compound. Use the 5½” for 5″ sanders and the 6″ for 6″ sanders






#SUR3 – Eight 3″ pads per package – $16.00



#SUR4 – Two 4″ pads per package – $11.75



#SUR2 – Two 5½” pads per package – $16.99



#SUR6 – Two 6″ pads per package – $17.99





SURBUF™ HANDHELD PADS – These 3″ X 5″ hand-held applicator and buffing pads provide an inexpensive solution to a variety of surface application and cleaning needs. Use them not only to polish, but apply oil based stains and gel varnishes. These pads are great to use with various polishing compounds and pastes as well as pumice and rottenstone. Great for finessing small and hard to reach areas.

#SUR35 – Four 3″ x 5″ pads per package – $11.80


Guitar Polishes & Care

This product excels as both a cleaner and a polish for virtually any surface. Best way to clean and maintain your project’s finish or a commercial factory finish. Also great for metals and plastics (I clean my bikes with it). Made as an emulsion with water and solvents, it cleans both water soluble and oil soluble grime and puts back the shine. Leaves no white residue. Highly recommended.  16 oz bottle with flip top dispenser.

An ultraviolet light absorber helps protect wood color.

  • Extended evaporation rate so larger pieces can be polished with greater ease.
  • An anti-static agent that means less dusting. Has a clean, fresh lemon scent.
  • Simply apply and wipe to clean, polish and protect almost any smooth surface.
  • Non-flammable, non-abrasive, greaseless and contains no silicones.

#2910 – Pint bottle – $10.95



Jescar is the premier supplier of polishing compounds and care products to the musical instrument industry. Considered among the finest products available, they are used by Steinway and Baldwin for their impeccable piano finishes as well as demanding guitar companies like Fender, Martin and Taylor.

Jescar Scratch and Swirl Remover  – safely removes minor scratches* and swirls on guitar finishes – leaving a high gloss.  4 oz.  bottle $13.99

* A minor scratch is one that you can see but you cannot feel when you lightly drag your fingernail across it. For these deeper scratches, you need to remove them with fine grit sandpaper first.

Start with P800, then go through the P1000, P1200, then P1500. Then finish up with the Scratch and Swirl Remover.


Jescar Polish – Just spritz a small amount on your guitar, then take a clean mcrofiber cloth and wipe away oils, dirt and grime. Graet for cleaning finger boards too.

4 oz.  Bottle – $13.99



Jescar Polish and Scratch Remover – Buy both and save!!!!!