Behlen Rubbing Compounds


Our rubbing & polishing products are designed to optimize finishing results on all film-forming finishes.

Pumice Stone is the coarsest compound to start with. Typically, the surface is sanded with 600 grit wet/dry paper, and then rubbed with 4F (medium/fine). This removes most surface irregularities.  Use with Paraffin Oil below. 4F Pumice is also used in French Polishing.

#3021 – 1 lb. container $7.99







behlen_rottenstoneBEHLEN ROTTENSTONE
Rottenstone is used after 4F Pumice Stone to rub up to the desired gloss.

#3023 – 1 lb. container $7.99










Use to make pastes with the Rottenstone and Pumice Stone above. Also used with Abralon, steel wools and other products to achieve a very consistent rub pattern. Use with 0000 steel wool to rub-out minor surface imperfections, water rings, and restore damaged finishes.  PINT BOTTLE.

#6808 – 1 pint $12.95





behlen_wool-lubeBEHLEN WOOL-LUBE
Use to achieve a very consistent, hand-rubbed satin effect. Use with #0000 steel wool or 3M Synthetic Steel Wool as the final rub-out on lacquers, shellac and rubbing varnishes. Also rubs-out minor surface imperfections and restores damaged finishes.  PINT BOTTLE.

#3204 – 1 pint $10.95








This product excels as both a cleaner and a polish for virtually any surface. Best way to clean and maintain your project’s finish or a commercial factory finish. Also great for metals and plastics (I clean my bikes with it). Made as an emulsion with water and solvents, it cleans both water soluble and oil soluble grime and puts back the shine. Leaves no white residue. Highly recommended.  16 oz bottle with flip top dispenser.

An ultraviolet light absorber helps protect wood color.

#2910 – 1 pint $10.95