Fuji Spray

fuji_wood_finishing_top_25_smallThis North American Manufacturer of HVLP Systems based on turbine technology has been setting the standard for turbines since 1986. Fuji offers the quietest turbine on the market and in our opinion is the best one on the market, beating out all the others including Accuspray in noise level. We feel Fuji delivers the best equipment at a price that’s much less than industrial turbine equipment, and it has the best warranty in the business (2 years). Absolutely the best way to go for homeowners, serious hobbyists, woodworking enthusiasts, and small shops. Please feel free to call us at 866-631-5429 with any Fuji questions.







Below listings are the most common parts. While all systems come with everything you need to get started, we recommend that you buy the 6′ whip flex hose when purchasing a complete turbine/gun system. This alleviates hand fatigue that you get with the stiffer main hose. Also consider an extra nozzle set if you are planning on spraying more than just typical clear finishes. We recommend the #3 set for sealers and some clear finishes like thinned lacquer and waterbornes. If you are spraying paints, buy the #5 or #6 (we’ll help you select which one). Most Fuji parts can be ordered through our on-line store below or at Ebay here




#9060 – L Fitting – $28.00







FUJI_7049_hose   #7049 – 25′ turbine hose with quick disconnect (Note – item does NOT have air control valve)  – $72.20







  #2046 – quick disconnect – $5.80




Atomizing Sets for XPC Guns



fuji8050-6 #8050-6 – #6 nozzle set (2.2mm/.086″) FOR XPC SPRAY GUNS ONLY For very thick paints, primers. plaster and some specialty products. – $65.00

Atomizing Sets for T-Series Guns (Current Model)





fuji_5100-3   #5100-3 – #3 nozzle set (1.3mm) FOR T-SERIES SPRAY GUNS ONLY The standard setup that comes with each turbine system. For general purpose spraying of clear finishes and some thinned paints – $69.00








fuji2024-5Valves #2024-5 – Check valve with tubing. Pack of 5. The most common problem with a turbine gun is a clogged check valve. – $19.50





fuji2038diaphragms   #2038-3 – Plastic diaphragms (splash guards). These slip over the pickup tube inside the cup and keep finish from getting into the check valve – $11.25



fuji2037cupGaskets   #2036-5 – Cup gaskets. These need to be periodically replaced to insure a tight seal on the cup. Packs of 5 – $16.90



fuji2039cuppartskit   #2039 – Cup parts kit. 3 each of the main wearable parts for the cup. FOR NEW CUPS ONLY, NOT FOR OLDER CUPS WITH THE BLACK LID – $29.00




fuji9050-5gravitygakets   #9050-5 – Gaskets for gravity cups. Pack of 5 – $19.00




fuji_9720-5     #9720-5 – Gaskets for T75 SERIES gravity cups. Pack of 5 – $18.95





fuji2030GravityParts   #2030 – Gravity cup parts kit. Includes 5 gaskets and 5 check valves – $34.10




fuji_2060   #2060 – Gravity cup parts kit for T75 SERIES Gravity Spray Gun. Includes 5 gaskets and 5 check valves – $35.20





9044-5 Paint Strainers 5pack   #9044-5- Nylon strainers for use inside bottom feed cups. Pkg of 5. Don’t use with thick paints like latex. – $8.95






2044-2mmfilters   #4009 – Mini-Mite turbine filters, Pack of 2 – $7.95




5029_sfilters   #1044 – Super Gold Series. 1 filter. NOT FOR OLDER S SERIES – $6.10




5029_Qfilter   #5029 – Q Series Turbine Filter. 1 Filter. Fits all current Q Gold and Pro Models – $7.90




7224.2 MM5 Filters#7224 – Platinum Series Mini-Mite Filter. 2 Filters.  For the Platinum Series Mini-Mite Only – $8.80