TRANSFAST Wood Dye Powder


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We are pleased to offer our own line of dyes, TransFast® Wood Dye Powders (sometimes generically referred to as  “aniline” dyes).

Unlike many catalogs, we do not buy bulk pre-mixed colors and repackage them. These dyes are mixed by us to our own specifications from the finest raw materials we can purchase. These are top quality dyes!

NOTE: Our dyes are very concentrated and make approximately double the amount of dye solution compared to other dye brands. All colors are compatible with each other. Each color produces many different intensities depending on the concentration. Make sure you read jar instructions for recommended mixing amounts as they vary slightly by color.

Dyes differ from pigmented stains (like Minwax) primarily in how they color the wood. Dye stains are colored solutions and the coloring particles are extremely small. They penetrate deep into the wood and color the wood fibers from within – unlike pigmented stains which leave pigment particles on the surface of the wood. For that reason, dyes are transparent, meaning they let light into the wood and do not obscure natural wood figure and overall character.

Individual dye colors are packaged in a polyethylene jar.

SAFETY: Under CPSC regulations, our powder dyes are NOT suitable for Food Preparation items (cutting boards), children’s and infant furniture and Toys.

NOTE:  Dyes are not for exterior use. While our dyes are among the most fade resistant dyes available, fading may occur over time in interior situations where they’re exposed to a strong source of UV light. In these situations, pigment stains may be a better colorant.

TRANSFAST® Water-Soluble Dyes

transfast_1ozDeep penetrating, these water-soluble dyes can be used under any finish. Because they raise the grain when applied, a pre-conditioning grain raising is advisable. Apply dyes by brush, rag, sponge or spray.

1 oz., 4 oz. , 8 oz. 1 lb. dry weight sizes.





NEW COLORS! (Introduced 1/2017)

grey_dark_3299_small ebony_3297_small coralpink_3293_small java_3296_small







(L-R – #3299 Grey, #3297 Ebony, #3293 Coral Pink, #3296 Java)





#3299 Grey Stained Timbers









TransFast® Water-Soluble Dyes may also be purchased in a 1 oz. size from the following retailers:

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
1-800-279-4441 (To request a catalog or find a store near you)

Woodcraft Supply
1-800-225-1153 (To request a catalog or find a store near you)

Klingspors Woodworking Shop
1-800-228-0000 (For a catalog or a listing of stores)


TRANSFAST® is a registered trademark of J.B. Jewitt Co., Inc.


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