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Light Wood Tone TransTint Colors – Amber, Honey Amber, Golden Brown, Reddish Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Vintage Maple

Size (By Volume)

Dark Wood Tone TransTint Colors – Dark Walnut, Dark Mission Brown, Cordovan, Brown Mahogany, Red Mahogany and Coffee Brown


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Primary/Paintbox TransTint Colors – Lemon Yellow, Bright Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple, Bordeaux, and Green

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Specialty Colors TransTint Colors – Aqua, Violet, Navy Blue and Perfect Red

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#6000 Amber – More yellow and brighter than our Honey Amber. Use for vivid center sunbursts.
  #6001 HONEY AMBER – Very similar to #6000 Amber, but a bit browner. The “go-to” color in guitar finishing for the center sunburst color and also for “amberizing” the over-all sunburst.
#6002 Golden Brown – a basic light brown that’s great for woods like oak, maple. When mixed strong ( 1 oz to 1 pint) will produce a deep caramel color
#6003 Reddish Brown – A brown with a strong red/orange undertone. Good for cherry finishes. Resembles Burnt Sienna
#6004 Medium Brown – A basic brown slight orange undertones. Uses as a transition color in sunbursts between center yellow and dark perimeter.

#6005 DARK WALNUT – A very dark brown with a hint of red. Great as a dark shader and toner. Similar to van dyke brown. Use for “Java: and “Espresso” Colors

#6006 DARK MISSION BROWN – A “cool” brown with yellowy undertones. Similar to raw umber. Used for the dark edge in sunbursts as the “tobacco” color.
#6007 CORDOVAN – One of our darkest colors. Red purple undertones.

#6008 BROWN MAHOGANY – An orangeish brown, without too much red. Excellent on mahogany.

#6009 DARK VINTAGE MAPLE – the absolute best color for that vintage maple look. A good color for pine, oaks and lighter woods. When used diluted, (1 oz/2 qts) will make new maple look like old, unstained maple.

#6010 RED MAHOGANY – for dark red cherry colors. Great for the “Bombay” dark mahogany look when mixed strong (1 oz. dye to 1 pint solvent).

#6011 COFFEE BROWN – a classic cool brown. Good for walnut colors on light woods like maple. A very good brown color for mixing (not too red, orange, yellow)

#6020 LEMON YELLOW – Bright and clean. Very vibrant.

#6021 BRIGHT RED – Like a fire engine. A warm red.
#6022 BLUE – A classic blue. Deep and vivid.

#6023 BLACK – A deep rich black. Use for “ebonizing” woods.

#6025 ORANGE – Bright and clean. Not “muddy” like some oranges.

#6026 PURPLE – A classic purple that’s impossible to get if you mix red and blue. Clean, vibrant and a bit on the reddish side.

#6027 BORDEAUX – A scarlet red. Good by itself or mixing with browns to produce deep cherry reds.

#6028 GREEN – A deep, rich emerald-green.

#6035 Aqua – A deep, blue like the sea. (Note: for richer, deeper colors, mix 1 oz to 1 pint)

#6036 Violet – A lilac violet. (Note: for richer, deeper colors, mix 1 oz to 1 pint)

#6037 Navy Blue  A Dark Blue, almost slate colored.

#6038 Perfect Red – A bright red that’s neither too orange or blue. Right in the middle!