Water-Based Pigments for Guitar Finishing

ViviTone™ Pigment Colorants are not “universal” colorants, meaning they are specific to a particular solvent or finish medium. Unlike Mixol and CalTint Universal Tints, they work only in specific mediums.  ViviTone Water-Based Colorants are for water-based finishes and stains, or those products that thin with water. Can also be used with grain fillers and solvent based shellac.

ViviTone compares to some names you may recognize. In the past they were called 896 Huls, then Degussa. They are now made by Evonik and re-packaged by Homestead.


Color chart for Pigment Colorants

ViviTone™ Waterbased Colorants

vivitone_rtViviTone Water-Base Pigment Colorants – These handy colors are available in standard Universal Colors in a flip-top style jar (except 8 & 16 oz.) for easy dispensing. They are re-packaged Evonik 896 Series Colorants that have been the industry standard for years. Unlike traditional Universal Tinting Colorants that utilize a soft binder, these pigments are dispersed in 100% acrylic, ensuring a faster, harder dry and non-yellowing qualities. Has excellent light fastness.


Product being discontinued. Some colors may not be in stock and wont be replaced.





Primary/Accent Colors 8 oz Flip Top Bottle – $27.95

Wood Tones/White & Black 8 oz Flip Top Bottle – $24.95


Primary/Accent Colors  – Yellow #8001, Red #8002, Blue #8003, Green #8006, Light Yellow #8016, Quinacridone Red #8017, Quinacridone Violet #8018



Wood Tones/White & Black  – Raw Umber #8007, Burnt Umber #8008, Burnt Sienna #8011, Raw Sienna #8012, Yellow Oxide #8013,   Black #8004