Watch this video as Jeff applies shellac to a cherry maple table. He shows hand application and spraying.



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Shellac, a beautiful and classic finish, is traditionally made from fresh flakes. We offer only the finest quality grades of dry shellac which you mix with denatured alcohol or Bekhol to make the fresh shellac solution. This versatile finish can be brushed, wiped on (padded), or sprayed.  It dries very fast and many finishes can be done in 2 days, including rubbing out. Shellac is very useful as a sealer coat and is an excellent medium for repair work because of its compatibility with other types of finishes. It is best to weigh the flakes (a small food portion scale is fine). However, you can easily make a rough 2-lb. cut from any of the flakes (this does not include seedlac or buttonlac) by filling an empty jar halfway with dry flakes, and then filling to the top with alcohol.

Dry shellacs sold in 1/2 or 1 lb. plastic bags or a corrugated box if ordering 3+ lbs. of a single grade. Because shellac is a natural product and manufacturing processes vary from crop to crop, there may be variations in physical size and thickness of flakes from year to year.

NOTE: The below shellac colors are approximations only.


A – Dewaxed Platina (Ultra Pale)
B – Dewaxed Super Blonde (Extra Pale)
C – Waxed #1 Orange (Currently Not Available)
D – Dewaxed Orange
E – Dewaxed Pale #3 (Currently Not Available)
F – Dewaxed Dark Garnet

Shellac is sold in 1/2 and 1 pound bags. Amounts 3 pounds and higher are sold in cardboard boxes. We may recommend certain shipping carriers and times in very hot weather.

NOTE: Samples below represent the color of the shellac on curly soft maple. Darker grades may show seasonal variations in color. Top half of sample shows 4 coats of shellac grade, bottom shows 2 coats.




The lightest color available by the solvent extraction process of removing the wax and color. This gentler process (as opposed to chemical bleaching) doesn’t affect the durablity. Recommended whenever you want the least amount of ambering effect. Product processed to food grade standards – a premium grade.

#1019 1/2 lb. bag Dewaxed Platina – $29.00
#1019 1 lb. bag Dewaxed Platina – $42.00
#1019 3+ pound Dewaxed Platina – $41.00/pound

Currently out of Stock






Very similar to Platina/Ultra Pale, but with just a hint of ambering. The most popular grade of premium shellac sold.

#999 1/2 lb. bag Dewaxed Super Blonde – $29.50
#999 1 lb. bag Dewaxed Super Blonde – $42.50









Dewaxed orange doesn’t have the bright, somewhat “artificial” orange undertones that #1 orange has, it leans more towards a neutral brown. It’s easier to build coats with hand application without the dark streaking you get with the dewaxed dark or dark garnet grades. Good for matching old patina of unstained pines, maples, birches and other light wood.

#1016 1/2 lb. bag Dewaxed Orange – $26.50
#1016 1 lb. bag Dewaxed Orange – $39.00
#1016 3+ pound Dewaxed Orange – $38.00/pound

Currently out of Stock




WAXY #1 ORANGE SHELLAC (Currently out of stock)


Waxy #1 Orange Shellac is the standard grade for premixed amber shellac that’s been sold in paint and hardware stores for decades. The thin flakes dissolve very quickly and waxy shellacs sand easier than dewaxed shellac solutions. These flakes have the strongest orange color of all the shellac flakes.


Currently out of Stock







This dark product from India is the darkest shellac we sell. If you use it as the entire shellac finish you can get fairly dark tones on light woods and deep browns on darker woods like walnut. If you have to build beyond several coats with dark varieties of shellac, we recommend spraying, as you may experience brush stroke marks. Many finishers use this color for the first two coats and then switch to a lighter color for the build coats.

#1018 1/2 lb. bag Dewaxed Dark Garnet – $27.50
#1018 1 lb. bag Dewaxed Dark Garnet – $40.00







BEHLEN BEKHOL SOLVENT – A high quality solvent especially formulated by Behlen to dissolve shellac flakes.  Evaporates slower than traditional denatured alcohol.

#1011 – $10.25 – QUART CANS


shellac_wet_2004SHELLAC-WET – This additive eliminates “fat edge” on sharp edges and improves flow-out and leveling of shellac when brushing or spraying.  “Fat-edge” is a situation where shellac can roll-up on sharp edges. Shellac-Wet lowers the surface tension of your shellac solutions which eliminates “fat edge”.  It also improves flow-out and leveling of the finish.  When added to shellac, do not top coat with another type finish.  Easy to use — simply add 6 drops of this concentrated solution per quart.
#7099 –  $16.00 – 2 OZ. SQUEEZE BOTTLE




shellac_flatSHELLAC FLAT – This liquid flatting agent cuts down the gloss of shellac when it dries. Excellent for repair work. This product is made expressly for shellac from amorphous silica and alcohol. Use a Fine Strainer (available from most hardware and paint stores) to strain mixed solution before use.

#7080 – $18.95 – 16 OZ. BOTTLE
#7080 – $32.95 – 32 OZ BOTTLE






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