Most people are unaware that exceptional finishing results can be achieved with a tool as simple as a brush. However, you must match the correct brush to the finish and the task at hand. Good quality brushes are well worth their price and last indefinitely if properly maintained.









wbtaklon2 taklon_whiteHOMESTEAD DELUXE TAKLON This 3″synthetic brush is the best brush we’ve ever used for waterbase finishes and shellac. This Taklon filament is made under extremely tight processes which produces a filament that is extremely smooth. This makes this brush one of the easiest brushes to clean that we’ve ever used. Our manufacturer uses an unfinished wood handle and a metal water-resistant ferrule. A fine chiseled edge allows precise application of finish in corners. If you’ve ever had problems brushing a waterbase or shellac finish you definitely need to try this brush!

NOTE: Bristles are gold and/or natural (white) color.







hsf_tubrushes_2_web HOMESTEAD DELUXE GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND TOUCH-UP BRUSHES These brushes are the ones used in my shop. Made with the same quality Golden Taklon bristle used in our larger finish brushes, they form a fine, round tip. Use the #2 for fine detail like painting grain lines. The #4, #6 & #8 are used where a flat finish brush doesn’t work. They can be used with any medium. Can be purchased individually or as a complete set of 4 for $15.00 (15% discount) #HSTU-SET







Homestead #2 Round  – $2.95 ea



Homestead #4 Round  – $3.25 ea



Homestead #6 Round  – $3.50 ea



Homestead #8 Round  – $3.95 ea



#HSTU-SET Complete set of 5 – $15.00