Most people are unaware that exceptional finishing results can be achieved with a tool as simple as a brush. However, you must match the correct brush to the finish and the task at hand. Good quality brushes are well worth their price and last indefinitely if properly maintained.




Natural China Bristle Brushes  – The traditional brush for varnish and oil based products, they are also great for applying shellac and lacquer. Not recommended for water base products.

omega OMEGA LILY OVAL VARNISH Made in Italy, this premium brush is manufactured from the finest white china bristle and has a sculpted, well-balanced lacquered beech handle. Not only is it pretty to look at — it’s a pleasure to hold. It’s set into a nickel ferrule. This brush has about double the thickness of a conventional brush so it’s perfect for flowing on finishes like varnish, oils, lacquer and shellac. For interior varnishing of household trim, this brush is unequalled as it holds an incredible amount of finish and the chisel edge cuts in extremely well.

#2112 – 1½”      $31.00
#2114 – 2″         $42.00






Lily FilbertOMEGA LILY FILBERT VARNISH Similar to the brush above but less thick and more of a standard chisel profile. Just about the perfect brush for general lacquer, shellac and varnish. The slightly rounded edges make it easy to use on profiles. Lacquered wood handle, nickel ferrule and incredibly fine white china bristle made by the legendary Omega Brushworks in Italy.
#2056 – 1½”     $27.00
#2057 – 2″        $31.00









Synthetic Bristle Brushes   Use for water based stains and  topcoats. These brushes are also great for lacquer and shellac. They clean easier than natural bristle brushes. Note: The Athena Golden Taklon brushes have a stiffening size which keeps the bristles in shape during shipping. Remove this size before use by running under warm water before using with waterbased finishes. For solvent finishes the size can be removed with denatured alcohol. The Homestead Deluxe Golden Taklon has no size.

wbtaklon2 taklon_whiteHOMESTEAD DELUXE TAKLON This synthetic brush is the best brush we’ve ever used for waterbase finishes and shellac. This Taklon filament is made under extremely tight processes which produces a filament that is extremely smooth. This makes this brush one of the easiest brushes to clean that we’ve ever used. Our manufacturer uses an unfinished wood handle and a metal water-resistant ferrule. A fine chiseled edge allows precise application of finish in corners. If you’ve ever had problems brushing a waterbase or shellac finish you definitely need to try this brush!

NOTE: Bristles are gold and/or natural (white) color

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hsf_tubrushes_2_web HOMESTEAD DELUXE GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND TOUCH-UP BRUSHES These brushes are the ones used in my shop. Made with the same quality Golden Taklon bristle used in our larger finish brushes, they form a fine, round tip. Use the #0 and #2 for fine detail like painting grain lines. The #4, #6 & #8 are used where a flat finish brush doesn’t work. They can be used with any medium. Can be purchased individually or as a complete set of 5 for $15.00 (15% discount) #HSTU-SET





Homestead #0 Round – $2.95 ea



Homestead #2 Round  – $2.95 ea



Homestead #4 Round  – $3.25 ea



Homestead #6 Round  – $3.50 ea



Homestead #8 Round  – $3.95 ea



#HSTU-SET Complete set of 5 – $15.00