Abrasives are not only used to prepare and smooth the wood surface, but are also used for between coat sanding and defect removal. We stock grits ranging from 80 to 2000. Polishing and rubbing compounds put that final smoothness on your finish.


3M Abrasives

  • Fre-Cut Gold 216u, Scotchbrite, Multiflex

Mirka Abrasives

  •   Bulldog, Royal, Mirlon, Abranet, Abralon, Goldflex

Menzerna Polishing Compounds 

  • 2L Pre-Polish Compound, 16 Fine Polishing Compound, #3 Correcting Compound (Final Polish)

Liberon Steel Wool

  • 0000 and 00 steel wool


 Watch this video as Jeff shows some tips for fixing flaws in the wood before finishing.