About Us

Homestead Finishing Products was started in 1994 by Jeff Jewitt and his wife, Susan Jewitt. Prior to that time, Jeff and Susan had operated a full time furniture restoration and refinishing business. Homestead Finishing Products and the refinishing business were run side by side until 2004, at which time Jeff and Susan devoted their efforts exclusively to Homestead Finishing Products. What began as a very small catalog business later developed to a full-time manufacturing and finishing retail business. We are the originator and manufacturer of TransTint® Dyes, which are sold world-wide for furniture applications as well as other diverse applications such as musical instruments, aerospace, and flooring.

In addition to running Homestead Finishing Products and refinishing furniture, Jeff Jewitt finds time to write and consult on a variety of topics. A frequent contributor for over twenty years to Fine Woodworking Magazine (Taunton Press), he has also written numerous articles for Woodshop News, American Woodworker, Wood Magazine, Woodcraft Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine. He has appeared 3 times on Scott Phillips “The American Woodshop” television series and has won numerous awards for his books and videos.

He is the author of 6 books – Hand-Applied Finishes (Taunton 1997), Great Wood Finishes (Taunton 2000), Furniture Repair and Refinishing (Handyman Club of America 2001*), The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing (Taunton 2004), and Spray Finishing Made Simple (Taunton 2010). His latest book, Refinishing Furniture Made Simple, was released in Fall 2012 by the Taunton Press.

He has done numerous full-length feature DVD’s – Hand Applied Finishes (Taunton 1997), Spray Finishing Made Simple (Taunton 2010) and Refinishing Furniture Made Simple (Taunton 2012).

Also available is a complete on-line course for finishing an acoustic guitar available here.