QualSpray Accessories





Stainless Viscosity Cup for precise measurement of finish viscosity. Sturdy, indestructible and easy to clean. Conforms to Iwata NK-2. A conversion chart to other popular sized cups is available here. Best used for clear finishes and sealers, and automotive products. Not for latex or alkyd paints

#VC-02 – Viscosity Cup Ford #4 – $35.00




New!! Ford #4 Economy Viscosity Cup for precise measurement of finish viscosity. Not for paints.  Similar to cups shipped with Turbine systems like Fuji. Sold only in packs of 3.

#QS-817 – Economy Viscosity Cup Ford #4 pkg/3 – $15.99



A Mil Gauge is necessary for measurement of wet finishes. Instructions for use are on the reverse of this metal gauge. Use for determining dry mil thickness.

#A8231 – Mil Gauge – $5.95




Universal Gravity Spray Gun Holder and filling station holds both gun and strainer (left) for easy filling and will swing out of the way once the cup is filled. Can be used with or without mounting screws (supplied) on a flat surface so it’s mobile. Comes with holder for both mini and full sized gravity guns.

#QS-815 – Gravity Stand – $18.95