Touch-Ups, Hide Glue & Misc.



MIXOL colors are truly “universal” colors in that they use no binder. Made from quality pigments finely dispersed in a glycol ether carrier, they’ll mix with just about anything, including oils, varnishes, shellac, lacquer and water base finishes. For touch up work, we’ve found them first rate when used with shellac and they produce a smoother surface as compared to using dry pigments. Top coat any repaired area with shellac, aerosol lacquers, or water-base finish. The kit colors are also useful for tinting glazes, stains, fillers, glues, and waxes.

13 COLOR MIXOL KIT – $61.95

Contains 13 individual 20ml bottles of below designated colors. Packed in a plastic container.

13 COLORS IN KIT: #1 Black, #2 Umber (raw), #3 Brown Oxide, #4 Oxide Red, #5 Yellow Oxide, #6 Maize Yellow (ochre color), #7 Canary Yellow, #8 Green (organic phthalo), #9 Blue, #10 Red, #11 Violet, #12 Fir Green, #25 White (titanium).

OPEN STOCK COLORS (20ml bottles) – $5.25 ea

#1 Black, #2 Umber, #3 Brown Oxide, #4 Oxide Red, #5 Yellow Oxide, #6 Maize Yellow, #7 Canary Yellow, #8 Green, #9 Blue, #10 Red, #11 Violet, #12 Fir Green, #14 Green Oxide, #17 Mustard, #23 Dark Brown Oxide, #25 White



OPEN STOCK COLORS (200ml bottles)
$30.70 ea 
#1 Black, #2 Umber, #3 Brown Oxide, #4 Oxide Red, #5 Yellow Oxide

OPEN STOCK COLORS (200ml bottles)
$29.95 ea  
#23 Dark Brown Oxide, #25 White

OPEN STOCK COLORS (200ml bottles)
$40.50 ea 
#8 Green, #9 Blue, #10 Red

OPEN STOCK COLORS (200ml bottles)
$44.50 ea 
#7 Yellow, #11 Violet, #18 Orange





These wax crayons are used for superficial damage where you replace color and fill at the same time. Use for filling small dents, gouges and nail holes. These crayons are found in every finishers repair kit and contain 10 popular colors so you can match any wood tone color. Colors can be intermixed to create custom shades. Housed in a handy tin for storage. Just rub crayon into area and polish excess off with a soft cloth or a piece of folded paper.

Tin with 10 Asst. Retouch Crayons: $32.95




Our Hide Glue is the traditional glue sold in dry, granular form and is mixed with water to form a gelatin which is then heated to at least 140 degrees F. The gram strength of this glue is 192 which is best for all woodworking applications because it has a slightly longer open time than hide glues of a higher gram strength. Mix ratio is 1-3/4 to 1 (water to glue) by weight. 1 LB. PLASTIC JAR.

#2080 – $16.25



A dry powder additive for extending the open working time of hide glue (mixed from dry granules). Use 5% to 30% by weight. 4 OZ. PLASTIC JAR.

#2035 – $7.95







GluBoost LogoFinally – the best cyanoacrylate glue has arrived for guitar-making and repairing. This glue has a proprietary formulation which allows it to repair dings, dents and cracks in finishes with no witness lines. We have personally used this glue and can attest to it’s quality! The Fill n’ Finish series is flexible and mainly used for repairs as well as creating a complete finish. The MasterGlu series is used for general construction as well as repairs. MasterTint are colorants specifically designed to tint any GluBoost product to do perfect repairs!


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Glu-Boost Accelerator
ThinFill N' FinishMaster Tint Vintage on white



GluBoost – non-foaming accelerator for all GluBoost products – $14.00
MasterGlu Thin – general purpose wicking grade CA Glue – $20.75
MasterGlu Ultra Thin – ultra thin viscosity version of above – $20.75
Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula – use for repairs of dings, dents and for use on porous woods – $20.75
Fill n’ Finish Thin Formula  – thinner viscosity version of Pro Formula for repairs and a complete finish – $20.75
MasterTint Vintage Kit – brown, yellow & amber tints, plus spatulas and mixing pallete – $55.00
MasterTint Modern Kit – red, yellow & blue tints, plus spatulas and mixing pallete – $55.00
MasterTint Black & White Kit – 3 black and & white tints, plus spatulas and mixing pallete – $55.00
Extender Tips – bag of 50 extender tips – $28.00
Whip Tips – bag of 110 whip tips – $39.99


New Jan 2018!


Glu Boost Pinpoint Extender w-text flat 600px wide


GluBoost Pinpoint Extender Kit – these extenders allow you to apply GluBoost accelerator just where it’s needed. Helpful when working inside of guitars

Extender Kit – includes 2 actuator caps and 2 red extension tubes (accelerator shown in photo not included) – $8.25



GluBoost Videos – see GluBoost in action here !!




A very helpful guide that shows 60 color options and intensities. Shows the finisher how colors, i.e. Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Green, etc. can be intermixed to create custom shades. Also cross referenced to our line of TransTint® Liquid Dyes and Pigments.

#1454 – $21.50








Glu-Size evens out uneven stain penetration to prevent splotching when using alcohol-soluble dyes. It is usually diluted 1:1 with water. Apply by spray, brush, rag, roller or sponge. Let dry 24 hours before subsequent finishing operations. Other uses for this product — when applied to fuzzy woods like mahogany & pine, it locks the fiber in place so that a smooth sanded surface results. It seals end grain to prevent it from darkening too much when using stain. When used on composite wood products like masonite and fiberboard, it seals the surface so that subsequent finishing products aren’t absorbed. On plywood, it will even out staining operations. This product is a real lifesaver!

#1088 – $6.50





This impressive product won’t dry out or leave a residue that causes problems with water base finishes. Made like standard tack cloths in a folded pad, but with a sticky synthetic resin instead of rosin. Individually folded and bagged, cloths measure 18″ x 36″ when opened. SOLD PER SINGLE SEALED BAG, PKG/10, OR CASE OF 100.

#1271 – Each – $1.35
#1271 – Pkg/10 – $11.10
#1271CS – Case/100 – $95.00




Our Lint-Free Padding Cloth is a gauze-like padding cloth material that comes on a 1.6 lb. roll. It’s perforated so it tears off in 16″ sheets, so you only use what you need. Very clean and absorbent, this premium cloth is practically lint free so it’s great for applying stains and polishing in addition to use for finish application. SOLD PER ROLL (1.3 lb.)

#1139R – $32.50




cheese_clothCHEESE CLOTH

Our cheese cloth is 4 yd of a medium mesh cheesecloth. Used for straining, applying stains and polishing. Sold in packages of 4 sq. yard lengths.

#1140 – $3.50









Our Cover Cloth, used for the outer cloth of the French polishing pad, is 100% cotton but for better results always “de-lint” it before use. Wet it thoroughly with hot water and dry in a clothes dryer on high heat to trap the lint. This “de-linting” keeps lint from getting stuck in the finish. SOLD PER SQ. YARD.

#1132 per sq/yd – $4.95




Naphtha is used for thinning of oil based products. It excels as a cleaner and removes, tape, gum, crayons and most marks from finished surfaces without damaging the finish. Dries faster than mineral spirits and paint thinner. QUART CAN.

##B650-0056 – $11.59