QualSpray Filtration & Air Treatment


Finish Filters

inlinegunfilter#72-550/100 – 3/8″ Inline 3 pc. Filter for gun fluid inlet 100 mesh – $32.50 (Not for Airless)
#36-005 – Replacement 100 mesh filter – $7.60


qualspray_gravitystr#QSNSG – 100 mesh micro-filter for gravity guns (fits Asturo, QualSpray and most other guns with a 7/16″ fluid inlet (pkg. of 10) – $20.00




qualspray_gravitySSstr#HW-SS-3G – 100 mesh micro-filter – same as above but stainless steel (pkg of 3) – $7.50






Oil/Water Filters




QualSpray Transparent In-line Filter – removes air line water before it can get into your gun or pressure tank. Easily mounts right at the tool air inlet to provide the best protection. Water is purged by depressing a small plunger and the filter can be taken apart and cleaned if necessary. Item is bi-directional.

#QS-F1 – PRICE: $25.00




Spray Gun Air Flow Regulators



R11_reg#R-11 – Super- Mini Regulator with gauge
(for connecting to spray gun at inlet) – $30.00

This regulator is about 1/2 the size of a standard gun regulator like the QS-03. Ideal for the smaller footprint of detail guns or whenever you want to use a smaller regulator. Can be used with gravity feed and pressure feed gun with a 1/4″ thread. .

1/4″ threaded male (on input) and 1/4″ female (on output). Gauge calibrated
0-150 psi. Diaphragm type regulates air more consistently. Glass lens.