QualSpray Stainless Steel Cups and Pressure Tanks


QualSpray Stainless Steel Pressure Pots

All stainless-steel construction is required when purity is required or where corrosion may be a problem. All stainless is perfect for waterbornes that are left for extended periods of time in the tank. A Homestead exclusive, we’ve put these pots through the paces and found them to be rugged and dependable. All pressure pots are tested before shipping and come complete with setup, use and troubleshooting instructions. Construction: 304 stainless steel Regulator: single or dual flow-through Agitator Shaft & Blade: stainless steel Cup & Capacity: 2 qt – 5 gallon Working pressure: 0-80 psi.











qs-32SS_6008 New!! – All stainless-steel construction is traditionally expensive, but we’ve solved that problem with our all-new 1 qt Homestead exclusive! Upgrade your current cup whether it’s an old style suction feed or pressure feed. This is the cup to use with water based finishes! Can replace any cup with a traditional 3/8″ NPS fluid fitting. Features an EPDM* solvent proof gasket and cam lock closure. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving water based finishes in the cup – whether it’s all day or all week. Traditional aluminum cups not only can react with some water based finishes, but they also are hard to clean. Water based finishes are much easier to clean from stainless steel, particularly latexes and the pigmented lacquers and polyurethanes.

* EPDM – ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber gasket that is more solvent proof and softer than typical hard Teflon gaskets used in 1 qt cups.




QS-32SS_S #QS-32SS/S – Suction feed design with vent hole on cover. Comes with anti-drip splash guard and EPDM gasket. For use with all guns that have a 3/8″ NPS fluid fitting. PRICE: $129.95

Suction Feed Guns Only!!!!



qs-32SS_PR#QS-32SS/PR – Same as above but with an air regulator to pressurize cup. Pressure gauge reads 0-15 psi for ultra precise regulation. This cup can convert any gun with a 3/8″ NPS fluid fitting to a pressure feed gun!. Comes with pressure regulator, 1/8″ barb swivel fitting on cover so you can orient pressure hose in any direction, check valve, anti-drip splash guard and EPDM gasket. PRICE: $199.95







#QS-64EAS – 2 qt, single regulator, air agitator – $699.00









#QS-288EAS – single regulator, air agitator $1269.00
#QS-288EASD – dual regulator, air agitator – $1299.00








#QS-640ESS – single regulator  (Call for current pricing)
#QS-640ESSD dual regulators (Call for current pricing)
#QS-640EAS – single regulator, air agitator (Call for current pricing)
#QS-640EASD – dual regulator, air agitator (Call for current pricing)