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Our TransFast Powder Dyes are being discontinued. Please choose the color you want from the chart below and e-mail us the color and the size you want and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

1 oz., and 4 oz. available in most colors. If you need a larger size just ask.




#3260 Dark Chocolate Brown – Dark warm brown Discontinued
#3261 Medium Reddish Brown Discontinued

#3262  Medium Walnut –  Use for making woods like maple look like walnut. Discontinued. Use TransTint Medium Brown #6004 replacement
#3263 Brown Mahogany – Good color for mahogany when you want it darker but not add too much orange or red. Discontinued. Use TransTint Brown Mahogany #6008 replacement

#3265 Antique Cherry Red – Nice red cherry color.

1,4,8 and 16 oz available

#3266 Antique Cherry Brown – Some old cherry colors aren’t red at all. Use this instead. Also good to intermix with #3265 above to achieve various cherry colors.  Discontinued
#3267 Light Red Mahogany – Similar to Antique Cherry Red but a little more orange. Discontinued
#3268 Dark Red Mahogany – Red and dark with a hint of black. Discontinued. Use TransTint Red Mahogany #6010 as replacement
#3270 Light Oak – A good light brown color that looks good on oak, maple and birch. Discontinued. Use TransTint Golden Brown #6002 as replacement
#3272 Honey Maple – good for those old light maple colors. Great on oak too. Available
#3273 Early American Maple – Darker and browner. A little on the orange side. Available
#3274 Dark Mission Brown – Dark and brown – a little on the orange side. Discontinued. Use TransTint Dark Mission Brown #6006 as replacement
#3275 Extra Dark Walnut – Dark brown and little on the cool side Available
#3276 Cherry – Makes lighter woods like maple and birch look like cherry Available
#3278 Colonial Maple – a little browner than #3273 Early American Maple and less orange Available
#3279 Antique Pine – that old time pumpkin pine color Available
#3288 Colonial Cherry – not too red and warmer and Antique Cherry Brown Available

#3296 Java  – use for dark “espresso” colors. Discontinued. Use TransTint Dark Walnut #6005 as replacement




#3280 Black – A little on the cool side. Discontinued – Use TransTint Black #6023 as replacement
#3281 Turquoise – A color impossible to get by mixing other colors. Available
#3282 Scarlet – A bluish red. Available
#3283 Cardinal Red – A warm, fire-engine red. Available
#3284 Orange – A bright and clean orange. Discontinued. Use TransTint Orange #6025 as replacement
#3285 Medium Green  1 – 4 oz size available
#3287 Lemon Yellow Available
#3289 Blue – A basic blue Discontinued
#3290 Sapphire Blue – a dazzling blue, particularly if mixed strong (1 oz dye – 1 qt. water) Available
#3291 Purple

Back in stock. A clean and perfect purple.


#3299 Grey – A warm grey – Available