TransTint Liquid Dyes


Homestead’s TransTint® Dyes are a solution of metal-complex dyes in a special solvent that offers the finisher many unique options in applying the colors. Sold in 2 fl. oz., 8 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz., 32 fl. oz. plastic bottles.

“TransTint Dyes are superior…and the colors are gorgeous.”
Chris Minick — Fine Woodworking Magazine

TO USE AS A DYE STAIN – Mix with tap or distilled water for an economical, non-flammable stain. OR mix with alcohol for a fast-drying, non-grain raising stain. No waiting or straining is necessary because the dye is pre-dissolved.

Suggested mix ratio is 2 oz. dye per 1/2 gallon solvent (increase or decrease ratio to suit need). Dye solutions can be applied by brush, rag, spray, or sponge. When using a water-reduced dye, a pre-grain raising is advisable — apply the dye with an abrasive pad like maroon Mirlon.

TO USE AS A FINISH TONER – One of TransTint Dyes most unique features is their compatibility with a wide range of finishing mediums. Simply add the dye concentrate directly to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. Add any amount up to 1 oz. per quart. All 19 dye colors (10 wood tones & 9 accent colors) are intermixable to produce custom shades.

NEW! Buy all TransTint large sizes (8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz.) online on our eBay site here

NOTE: When using any dye or colorant, we highly recommend testing your colors first on scraps or cut-offs along with your selected top coat before applying to your projects. TransTint Dyes are not for exterior use.


$19.75 ea. – 2 fl. oz plastic bottle (buy 1-3)
$18.75 ea. (buy 4-9)
$17.75 ea. (buy 10+)

$52.00 ea. – 8 fl. oz. plastic bottle
$85.00 ea. – 16 fl. oz. plastic bottle
$156.00 ea. – 32 fl. oz. plastic bottle

transtint_boxNEW! Now you can order actual wood samples (birch plywood) stained with TransTint Dyes and finished with a clear gloss polyurethane protective finish. Size of samples vary slightly but measure about 2-3/4″ x 4-1/2″. Set of all 20 colors come in a protective heavyweight cardboard box.

#TTKIT20 -TransTint Dye 20 Color Sample Kit – $25.00
(Please note sample kit does not include TransTint Liquid Dyes, only the finished samples)


2018-09-28 12.15.22#TTKITPC -TransTint Dye 4 Primary Color Sample Kit – 65.00
(Includes #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue & #6023 Black)




2018-09-28 12.05.04#TTKITPB -TransTint Dye “Paintbox” Color Sample Kit – 125.00

(Includes #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue, #6025 Orange, #6026 Purple, #6027 Bordeaux, #6028 Green & #6023 Black)




IMG_5405#TTKIT -TransTint Dye Master Starter Sample Kit – 185.00
(Includes #6001 Honey Amber, #6003 Reddish Brown, #6004 Medium Brown, #6005 Dark Walnut, #6006 Dark Mission Brown, #6008 Brown Mahogany, #6009 Dark Vintage Maple, #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue, #6028 Green & #6023 Black)


2018-09-28 12.53.08#TTKIT -TransTint Dye Master WoodTone  Kit – 185.00
(Includes #6000 Amber, #6001 Honey Amber, #6002 Golden Brown, #6003 Reddish Brown, #6004 Medium Brown, #6005 Dark Walnut, #6006 Dark Mission Brown, #6007 Cordovan, #6008 Brown Mahogany, #6009 Dark Vintage Maple, #6010 Red Mahogany & #6011 Coffee Brown)

TransTint® Dye colors shown below on curly maple

NOTE: Due to variances in color monitors, colors shown are approximations only.



#6000 AMBER – (Amber Additive) Add to clear lacquers to give an ambery look. Also used in sunbursts for the center color. Very bright.










#6001 HONEY AMBER – A “must” color, use for duplicating yellowing of old woods and establishing uniformity to different colored boards.









#6002 GOLDEN BROWN – Yellow undertone, good base color for lighter “Mission Finishes” and for maple.









#6003 REDDISH BROWN – A brown with a strong red/orange undertone. Good for cherry finishes. Resembles burnt sienna when diluted.









#6004 MEDIUM BROWN – A basic brown with a slight orange undertone.









#6005 DARK WALNUT – A very dark brown with a hint of red. Great as a dark shader and toner. Similar to van dyke brown.









#6006 DARK MISSION BROWN – A “cool” brown with yellowy undertones. Similar to raw umber.









#6007 CORDOVAN – Red purple undertones.









#6008 BROWN MAHOGANY – A pure brown, without too much orange or red









#6009 DARK VINTAGE MAPLE – the absolute best color for that vintage maple look. A good color for pine, oaks and lighter woods.








#6010 RED MAHOGANY – for dark red cherry colors. Great for the “Bombay” dark mahogany look when mixed strong (1 oz. dye to 1 pint solvent).








NEW! #6011 COFFEE BROWN – a classic cool brown. Good for walnut colors on light woods like maple. A very good brown color for mixing (not too red, orange, yellow)









#6020 LEMON YELLOW – Bright and clean. Very vibrant.









#6021 BRIGHT RED – Like a fire engine. A warm red.









#6022 BLUE – A classic blue. Deep and vivid.









#6023 BLACK – A deep rich black. Use for “ebonizing” woods.









#6025 ORANGE – Bright and clean. Not “muddy” like some oranges.









#6026 PURPLE – A classic purple that’s impossible to get if you mix red and blue. Clean, vibrant and a bit on the reddish side.









#6027 BORDEAUX – A scarlet red. Good by itself or mixing with browns to produce deep cherry reds.









#6028 GREEN – A deep, rich emerald-green.