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Homestead’s TransTint® Dyes are a solution of metal-complex dyes in a special solvent that offers the finisher many unique options in applying the colors. Sold in 2 fl. oz., 8 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz., 32 fl. oz. plastic bottles.

“TransTint Dyes are superior…and the colors are gorgeous.”
Chris Minick — Fine Woodworking Magazine

TO USE AS A DYE STAIN – Mix with tap or distilled water for an economical, non-flammable stain. OR mix with alcohol for a fast-drying, non-grain raising stain. No waiting or straining is necessary because the dye is pre-dissolved.

Suggested mix ratio is 2 oz. dye per 1/2 gallon solvent (increase or decrease ratio to suit need). Dye solutions can be applied by brush, rag, spray, or sponge. When using a water-reduced dye, a pre-grain raising is advisable — apply the dye with an abrasive pad like maroon Mirlon.

TO USE AS A FINISH TONER – One of TransTint Dyes most unique features is their compatibility with a wide range of finishing mediums. Simply add the dye concentrate directly to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. Add any amount up to 1 oz. per quart. All 19 dye colors (10 wood tones & 9 accent colors) are intermixable to produce custom shades.

Technical Data Sheet for using TransTints in Lutherie –  TransTint for Luthiers Instructions 

Technical Data Sheet for using TransTints in Woodworking  – TransTint Technical Data Sheet



SAFETY: Under CPSC regulations, our liquid dyes are NOT suitable for Food Preparation items (cutting boards), children’s and infant furniture and Toys.

NOTE: When using any dye or colorant, we highly recommend testing your colors first on scraps or cut-offs along with your selected top coat before applying to your projects. TransTint Dyes are not for exterior use.


transtint_boxNEW! Now you can order actual wood samples (birch plywood) stained with TransTint Dyes and finished with a clear gloss polyurethane protective finish. Size of samples vary slightly but measure about 2-3/4″ x 4-1/2″. Set of all 24 current colors come in a protective heavyweight cardboard box.

#TTKIT24 -TransTint Dye 24 Color Sample Kit – $35.00
(Please note sample kit does not include TransTint Liquid Dyes, only the finished samples.)

Out of stock. 


#TTKITNEW -TransTint Dye 4 New Color Kit – 95.00
(Includes #6035 Aqua, #6036 Violet, #6037 Navy Blue & #6038 Perfect Red)

Bottles may also have minor staining from our production process, this is why they are discounted.








2018-09-28 12.15.22#TTKITPC -TransTint Dye 4 Primary Color Sample Kit – 95.00
(Includes #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue & #6023 Black)

Bottles may also have minor staining from our production process, this is why they are discounted.





2018-09-28 12.05.04#TTKITPB -TransTint Dye “Paintbox” Color Sample Kit – 175.00

(Includes #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue, #6025 Orange, #6026 Purple, #6027 Bordeaux, #6028 Green & #6023 Black)

Bottles may also have minor staining from our production process, this is why they are discounted.





IMG_5405#TTKIT -TransTint Dye Master Starter Sample Kit – 250.00
(Includes #6001 Honey Amber, #6003 Reddish Brown, #6004 Medium Brown, #6005 Dark Walnut, #6006 Dark Mission Brown, #6008 Brown Mahogany, #6009 Dark Vintage Maple, #6020 Lemon Yellow, #6021 Bright Red, #6022 Blue, #6028 Green & #6023 Black)
Bottles may also have minor staining from our production process, this is why they are discounted.


2018-09-28 12.53.08#TTKITWT -TransTint Dye Master WoodTone  Kit – 250.00
(Includes #6000 Amber, #6001 Honey Amber, #6002 Golden Brown, #6003 Reddish Brown, #6004 Medium Brown, #6005 Dark Walnut, #6006 Dark Mission Brown, #6007 Cordovan, #6008 Brown Mahogany, #6009 Dark Vintage Maple, #6010 Red Mahogany & #6011 Coffee Brown)

Bottles may also have minor staining from our production process, this is why they are discounted

TransTint® Dye colors shown below on curly maple

NOTE: Due to variances in color monitors, colors shown are approximations only.

Order From Drop Down Menus Below

Light WoodTone Colors (Amber, Honey Amber, Golden Brown, Reddish Brown, Medium Brown)

Size (By Volume)

 Dark WoodTone Colors (Dark Walnut, Dark Mission Brown, Cordovan, Brown Mahogany, Red Mahogany, Coffee Brown)

Size (By Volume)

Accent/Paintbox Colors (Lemon Yellow, Bright Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple, Bordeaux, Green)

Size (By Volume)

Specialty Colors (Aqua, Violet, Navy Blue, Perfect Red)

Size (By Volume)





#6000 AMBER – (Amber Additive) Add to clear lacquers to give an ambery look. Also used in sunbursts for the center color. Very bright.








#6001 HONEY AMBER – A “must” color, use for duplicating yellowing of old woods and establishing uniformity to different colored boards. Very similar to #6000 Amber, but a bit browner. The “go-to” color in guitar finishing for the center sunburst color and also for “amberizing” the over-all sunburst.







#6002 GOLDEN BROWN – Yellow undertone, good base color for lighter “Mission Finishes” and for maple.








#6003 REDDISH BROWN – A brown with a strong red/orange undertone. Good for cherry finishes. Resembles burnt sienna when diluted.








#6004 MEDIUM BROWN – A basic brown with a slight orange undertone.







#6005 DARK WALNUT – A very dark brown with a hint of red. Great as a dark shader and toner. Similar to van dyke brown. Use for “Java: and “Espresso” Colors








#6006 DARK MISSION BROWN – A “cool” brown with yellowy undertones. Similar to raw umber. Used for the dark edge in sunbursts.








#6007 CORDOVAN – Red purple undertones.








#6008 BROWN MAHOGANY – An orange-ish brown, without too much red.








#6009 DARK VINTAGE MAPLE – the absolute best color for that vintage maple look. A good color for pine, oaks and lighter woods. When used diluted, will make new maple look like old, un-stained maple.






#6010 RED MAHOGANY – for dark red cherry colors. Great for the “Bombay” dark mahogany look when mixed strong (1 oz. dye to 1 pint solvent).







#6011 COFFEE BROWN – a classic cool brown. Good for walnut colors on light woods like maple. A very good brown color for mixing (not too red, orange, yellow)








#6020 LEMON YELLOW – Bright and clean. Very vibrant.









#6021 BRIGHT RED – Like a fire engine. A warm red.








#6022 BLUE – A classic blue. Deep and vivid.








#6023 BLACK – A deep rich black. Use for “ebonizing” woods.








#6025 ORANGE – Bright and clean. Not “muddy” like some oranges.








#6026 PURPLE – A classic purple that’s impossible to get if you mix red and blue. Clean, vibrant and a bit on the reddish side.








#6027 BORDEAUX – A scarlet red. Good by itself or mixing with browns to produce deep cherry reds.








#6028 GREEN – A deep, rich emerald-green.





Specialty Colors


#6035 Aqua – You asked for this color. Like a South Sea color!

Note: Aqua is formulated to be a “pastel” color. For deeper shades you may have to double the dye mixture from what is printed on the bottle. Example – 1 oz dye to 1 pint solvent









#6036 Violet – Another color you asked for. Redder than #6026 Purple and a bit more pastel.








#6037 – Navy Blue. A really neat Grey-Blue.











#6038 Perfect Red – In dyes, reds can be overly orange (like Bright Red #6021) or blue (like Bordeaux #6027). This one is well – Perfect!








#8510 OIL ADDITIVE – Typically we recommend that you not mix TransTint dyes with oil products due to a compatibility issue. We have provided an additive to increase compatibility for our large industrial customers and now we can offer this product to others. TransTint Oil Additive is typically used in the ratio of 2 parts additive to 1 part TransTint dye and mixed together before adding to oil based products. Products with a high degree of mineral spirits require more additive. We do not recommend using this with oil stains, only oil based clear finishes.